Let’s start off with a simple question.

Do you have 5-10 simple numbers that you use every week to track the performance of your business?

If you don’t then read on…..

Being an SME business ourselves we are always battling with a variety of different challenges whether that be lead generation, sales, product development etc but how can you ensure that you keep pushing forward with the ‘big ticket’ items amongst all this noise?

The answer in simple – Implement a company scorecard!

It all comes down to understanding your priorities and what you need to achieve and when.

As an example, if one of your top priorities is to grow your network by say 300 leads in the next 90 days how are you going to ensure you reach that target?

Assuming you have to achieve a weekly run rate of 25 new leads per week you should look to embed a scorecard and an operating rhythm that allows you to review and measure progress week on week. It’s no good waiting for 90 days to pass to find out that you fell woefully short of your number!

In this instance if you aren’t generating the leads then don’t expect a pipeline brimming with potential new business.

By implementing a simple scorecard you can track your big numbers week on week and the minute you fall behind your target you can take remedial action to address the shortfall. It’s far better to find out in week 3 that you are behind, rather than waiting for 90 days to pass and then be hit with the realisation that you didn’t hit your target.

What Gets Measured Gets Done – Never a truer phrase has been said. By having numerical targets aligned to your priorities it brings clarity and a level of accountability which naturally drives performance, as the action owners now feel that they will be held to account if the agreed targets haven’t been met.

To get started why don’t you spend 10 minutes in your next meeting to define what the key targets are that you want to achieve and insert a simple tool where weekly targets can be tracked.

You will be amazed by the focus a simple scorecard can bring to a business. Try it now and let us know how you get on. We have seen amazing success with the clients we have worked with.

If you need any assistance in either defining your numerical targets or just to implement a simple scorecard that works for your business get in touch now. We would be delighted to help embed this new powerful way of working into your business.

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