Last year I was lucky enough to fulfil one of my life’s travel goals by driving the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco down to San Diego.

Some of the sights witnessed will last with me forever and watching the ocean waves crash against the shore whilst on the Big Sur was just bliss. The ability to watch the many seals on the shore below and to take in glorious views was simply incredible.

Interestingly the prompt for this short blog was following a passage I read recently regarding this exact same route and was contextualised by its relevance to the importance of having clarity in business terms.

All day every day we work with ambitious high growth entrepreneurs who crave clarity around where their business is heading and how they can get all of their people to buy in to the same picture that they have in their minds.

You see people are far more likely to follow you and your vision if they understand;

1.    Why it’s so important

2.    Are passionate about it

3.    What it means for them

4.    The value it will bring to others once achieved

To us at Infusion having a self-centred vision is hardly likely to galvanise an entire work force as they will continue to pick up their pay each month and may see it as a way of lining only the director’s pockets.

To counter this, we have embarked upon a crusade to help the UK economy recover by helping our clients grow by a minimum of £250m by 2030. We are deeply passionate about helping others and by making our clients highly successful as we enter 2021, we know that Infusion’s success will merely be a by-product of us delivering amazing results for those who we serve.

We genuinely hate to see so many good businesses failing right now and if we can play our part by making our clients successful, we know that this will enhance employment which will lead to more families having regular and stable incomes in which to enjoy their lives.

Now back to the story……

When we ask many prospects and new clients what they want the achieve in 3, 5 or 10 years we are often faced with a puzzled look with people saying they aren’t sure what they want to achieve next month let alone across such a long horizon. 2020 has hardly been a predictable year has it!

This question gets right to the heart of the role visions play in people’s lives. Having clarity around where you are heading is even more important during increasingly volatile and uncertain times such as this.

Now think about this…..

Assume you were now on the Pacific Coast Highway heading south on a bright, sunny day. The gorgeous scenery on your left, the stunning ocean on your right. On several bends the cliffs drop steeply down to the water. You can see for miles and miles. You’re cruising along at the speed limit, one hand on the wheel, sitting back ultra-relaxed, tunes blaring with not a care in the world and then suddenly without warning you go round the next hairpin only to be hit with a blanket of fog as thick as you have ever seen.

What do you do?

1.    Slow down

2.    Turn your lights on

3.    Tighten your grip on the steering wheel using both hands as you tense up

4.    Sit upright or even lean forward

5.    Turn the music off

6.    Increase your levels of stress immediately

Then you manage to finally navigate your way around the next bend only for it to be crystal clear again. And then you revert straight back to exactly where you were before the fog appeared. Nice and relaxed, making serene progress down the highway and taking in the gorgeous scenery.

This story illustrates in very simple terms the importance of clarity of vision. Are you able to go faster when it’s foggy or clear? How fast can you drive in the thick fog without endangering yourself and others? How relaxed do you feel when you are in a car being driven through thick fog at breakneck speeds by somebody else?

The answer is clear isn’t it … You are far more able to go fast when your vision is clear and fully understood.

As we enter into the final few weeks of 2020 ask yourself how foggy your vision is for 2021 and beyond?

As a leader it is your job to lift the fog (metaphorically speaking) for your people. The sooner everyone sees your vision and fully buys in to it the sooner you can sit back and let the magic begin.

If you are struggling with getting your business fully aligned with your vision get in touch and we would love for you to form part of the £250m+ crusade we are now embarking upon….Always Be Growing!