Are you struggling to get the best out of your people? Would you consider your team to be truly high performing? Or do you find yourself stepping in to finish jobs when they don’t get done?

Here’s a different perspective for you: ask, don’t tell.

Asking powerful questions is your secret weapon to increase motivation, delegation and ownership.

Here are 50 must-ask Coaching Questions for Successful Business Owners to boost your team’s performance:

Developing a working relationship 

1.    How do you like to be managed?

2.    How do you like to receive recognition?

3.    How do you prefer to receive feedback (positive and constructive)?

4.    What motivates you?

5.    How do you define success in your role?

6.    What areas of your role do you feel most passionate about?

7.    What areas of your role are you least motivated by?

Personal & Professional Development

8.    How do you see your role evolving in the future?

9.    How can we better leverage your skills and experience?

10.  What development opportunities are you interested in exploring?

11.  What areas of your work do you feel could benefit from further development?

12.  How can we make this your best year yet?

In a weekly 1:1

13.  What were your key priorities for the last week?

14.  How are your key priorities progressing?

15.  What obstacles/challenges are you experiencing?

16.  How would you rate your week out of 10?

17.  What have been your moments of magic?

18.  What have been your moments of misery?

19.  What are your key lessons?

20.  What are your key priorities for next week?

21.  What do you need from me by way of support?

When setting a goal/after completing a goal

14.  What could get in the way of you achieving this?

15.  What’s the impact if this is not delivered?

16.  What does good look like once it’s done?

17.  How will you measure your progress?

18.  How motivated are you to achieve this?

19.  What were the key things that enabled you to achieve this?

20.  What have you learned now this is done?

21.  What could you have done differently to improve the outcome by 10%?


22.  What non-essential tasks or meetings could be eliminated?

23.  What could be delegated?

24.  What bottlenecks are getting in the way?

25.  How do you assess the urgency and importance of a task?

26.  What do we need to re-prioritise?

When solving a problem

27.  What have you tried so far?

28.  What other options can you see?

29.  Who could help you?

30.  What would you recommend we do next?

31.  What are your next steps?

When something doesn’t get delivered

32.  What stopped you from achieving this?

33.  What got in the way?

34.  What could you have done differently?

35.  Who can help you do this?

36.  What do you think is the impact of this not being done?

37.  What support do you need from me to move forward?

When noticing under-performance

38.  How are you?

39.  How would you rate your recent performance?

40.  Is there anything outside of work that may be affecting your ability to perform at your best?

41.  Are there any specific tasks/responsibilities that you are finding particularly challenging?

42.  Are you clear on the expectations and goals for your role? Does anything require further clarification?

43.  Can you identify any patterns/trends in things that you find get in the way of you performing?

44.  What do you need from me?

Continuous improvement

45.  What can I do better as a Leader to support you?

46.  What resources/tools do you need to do your job more effectively?

47.  What’s the 1 thing we should do differently to improve the business?

48.  What would you like to see happen to improve the way we work as a team?

49.  If you had your time again, what would you do differently?

50.  How would you like to contribute towards making our business better?

I’d love to know which ones you try, and the results you get.