Do you ever become frustrated that your business isn’t making the progress that you wanted? You have this wonderful vision for your business but week on week, month on month and year on year you don’t seem to be getting any nearer to that position of utopia.

Well ask yourself these simple questions….

Do you really have a true VISION for your business? You can only really confirm this if you can put a resounding YES next to each of the below questions;

Does it include tangible deliverables?

Is it backed up with a strategic plan?

Does it include your core values?

Do you recognise what hurdles you need to overcome to achieve your end goal?

Does your team understand it and get it?

Can you clearly articulate what you need to deliver in 90 days from now? OK what about 1 year? Perhaps 3 or 5 years….now lets try 10 years!

Too often we see SME businesses think they have a vision but they don’t have the essential building blocks in place that enables them to follow a laser like path to get them there. If you are required to drive 250 miles away to a destination for a music concert that starts at 7pm would you just jump in your car and hope to get there by 7? No of course you wouldn’t! Instead you would plan how long it would likely take, tune in the Sat Nav to ensure you are taking the quickest route and allow yourself some contingency time for heavy traffic/roadworks etc. Only by planning correctly can you avoid the risk of being late. So why is it that SMEs don’t apply the same logic when outlining their future business plans?

Having a road map that paints a clear end goal which is underpinned by periodic checkpoints that keep you on track is the only way you can be sure of success. However it’s no good a CEO understanding the vision if the rest of the team are not on the same page. From the very top to the very bottom a business can only really achieve greatness if everybody understands what the end goal looks like and what part they are specifically playing to help them get there.

Do all staff members have objectives that are aligned to the vision? Do you have tools in place to track progress? Are you aware of the hurdles that need to be overcome? Is everybody clear what values and behaviours they must consistently demonstrate throughout the journey?

Essentially all businesses have a core business proposition that contains 4 key elements 1) Product/Service Build & Development 2) Marketing of your products/services 3) Selling of your products/services and 4) Delivery of your products/services.

All of these components are then supported by our people, our processes and our technology. Regardless of whether you deliver the post, are head of sales or responsible for paying your inevitably overdue invoices, do you know your exact role, what must be delivered by when and how it plays into the overarching vision of your company?

At The Business Solution Hub we have designed a unique EAS (Enterprise Alignment System) system which is aimed at bringing all aspects of a business together so that everyone starts to move in the same direction.

Only when everyone begins to row in the same direction top to bottom, front to back can you expect magic to happen in your business and you can begin to start seeing your vision becoming reality!

For more information around how you can turn your company dream into a true vision get in touch with us. This will be Day 1 of your new epic journey !