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  • Stop cancelling 1:1s with your team! Here’s 7 things you’re missing out on if you do

    We get it.

    We know you’re busy, running from task to task and not having a moment to breathe.

    So, when we tell you that you need to magically create more time to have regular 1:1s with their team, you may be resistant.

    You know in theory it’s the right thing to do, but even if you do have them in the diary, they’re often the first thing to be canned when urgent stuff comes up (as it always does).

    But here’s the secret.

    Having 1:1s with your team will give you MORE time.

    And here’s why…

    1.     Build Trust

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  • Infusion Group: Our Company Values

    Company Values define the very essence of a business. They act as its moral compass and show what it stands for, what matters to them, and how its people and culture behave.

    You should be able to tell exactly what it will be like to do business with a business if their values are truly representative of who they are.

    Infusion Group is starting a new chapter, and we’ve revisited and re-defined the things that are most important to us.

    So, if you’d like to understand what we’re all about, and – most importantly – what you can expect from …

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  • The Power of Recharging & Renewal: 10 Lessons from My Mexican Retreat

    When you run your own business, the idea of taking a break can often seem impossible.

    There is ALWAYS something that needs thinking about or doing, and making time for time out sometimes feels like a luxury we can’t afford.

    I like to think I know the score on self-care, and I am well-versed at encouraging my clients to prioritise their well-being – but it was time for me to practice what I preach!

    My recent trip to Mexico taught (and re-taught) me about the importance of stepping back, recharging, and finding inspiration in unexpected places.

    Here are 10 lessons …

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  • The Importance of Trust – in Business and Life

    The number of times the word ‘trust’ has come up in my conversations recently has been astounding.

    Whether it’s someone seeking to build trust, trust being broken, or a recognition that trust was never really there in the first place, it made me wonder how we sometimes take trust for granted.

    For such a small word, it’s a big thing.

    Trust is that invisible thread that binds individuals, teams, communities, and businesses together. It’s the foundation of any meaningful relationship we have.

    So why don’t we spend more time purposefully looking to strengthen the trust we have with others?

    If …

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  • How EVERYONE in your Business can make a Game-Changing impact

    People are complicated, right?

    They’re also wonderful, frustrating, confusing, and amazing at any one time, which is the fascinating nature of being a human and being around other humans who see the world differently to us.

    With all this in mind, it can be difficult to know how to get the best out everyone in our business.

    And this is more relevant today than ever before as the landscape of work continues to evolve at a pace like we’ve never seen before.

    The ambitious Business Owners we partner with know this and are continually looking for new ways to get …

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  • What can the wisdom of Yoga teach us about Business?

    In the bustling world of business, where strategy and spreadsheets reign supreme, it might seem unlikely to find wisdom in the serene practice of yoga.

    But, hidden beneath the downward dogs and namaste’s lies many insights that can show us how to do business better.

    Let’s explore how yoga’s wisdom can breathe fresh life into how we see business:

    Mind Over Matter

    Yoga reminds us that physical endurance starts with mental determination. In business, a positive mindset and resilience is key to moving through seemingly insurmountable challenges

    Setting Intentions

    At the start of a Yoga practice, we often set intentions …

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  • 7 Key Lessons Business Owners Can Learn from Blockbuster Movies

    Lights, camera, action!

    As an ambitious business owner it can sometimes be difficult to see things from a different perspective. Most of us all can identify the top 3 blockbuster movies that have left the greatest impression on them even if they haven’t seen the film for years. That’s the power great movies can have. My top 3 are Shawshank Redemption (obviously), Carlitos Way (Al Pacino at his best) and Green Book (seriously powerful).

    Well in this short article we have considered how we can learn some crucial business lessons from what makes a great movie into one that is …

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  • The 21 things you must master if you want to become a Next Level Leader

    Becoming a Next Level leader is not for the faint hearted – it’s a journey that requires commitment, personal growth, and a true passion for your people. The stakes are high for you, your team, and your business to thrive and there are a number of skills and qualities you’ll need to master.

    In this article, we will explore the 21 key things that are essential to lead with confidence. The pay-off is huge; by honing your expertise you will inspire your team, navigate challenges with ease, and ultimately take your business to levels of success you never thought possible.…

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  • Are you the Smallest in the Room: The Power of Learning from Those Ahead of You

    Ever since I started my entrepreneurial journey over 4 years ago one piece of advice has stuck with me and I do my very best to remember this every time I consider joining new business groups and networks.

    ‘Embrace being the smallest in the room!’

    Coming off the back of a 20 year corporate career where power is often seen as such a valuable trait, I initially felt vulnerable about becoming the smallest in the room again. I mean I had just turned 40 not 18!

    In the vast ocean of business networking groups, it’s time we all embrace the …

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