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Contingency Planning for uncertainty during a crisis

Placing focus on dealing with crisis management & the best practices for small businesses to manage their staff morale & performance.

Our passion is to not only help business owners through growth, but also through times of uncertainty. We recognise & understand that there isn’t support for small businesses to the level the corporate world experiences.

We’ve created a webinar designed to tackle the challenges faced by small businesses during uncertainty & times of crisis. This webinar is ideally suited to Business Owners & Leaders whom want to understand the following;

  1. Lead & maintain staff morale through uncertainty 
  2. How to effectively manage staff who are working remotely 
  3. How to best leverage technology during a crisis
  4. Avoid losing money 

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has led to global businesses re-evaluating & re-vamping their crisis procedures, with many realising they simply aren’t prepared. We discuss the best practical methods of communication, maintaining staff morale, their confidence in senior management, and performance to ensure your business is not just surviving during a crisis… but thriving

Even though we are dealing with a potential crisis of a different type, a number of the procedures remain the same and being on the front foot is critical.

Some of the items covered:

  1. How to manage remote teams effectively
  2. Managing staff communication & morale
  3. Leveraging Technology
  4. Key checklist/procedures