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Scaling-up &
Transformational Growth

For scaling and established businesses, our unique solutions are designed take owner managers
and mid-sized companies to an even higher level of achievement in terms of capability,
performance and sustained, profitable growth.

What we do

As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions.

At Infusion we work directly with owner managers, business leaders and organisations through our business growth solutions in a structured method to clearly identify and implement a clear pathway to improved performance and growth.

Areas of Focus

  • Maximising staff potential & performance

  • Risk management

  • Creating accountability and driving execution

  • Scaling at pace

  • New customer acquisition

  • Expanding business operations

  • Cash flow efficiency

  • Control over operating costs

  • Increasing business profit

  • Planning effective exit strategies

  • Company culture

  • Instilling professional management & policies into your business

Whether your business needs active help to grow, re-structure, scale-up or exit

Here’s what we will bring…


Around the current position of your business with weaknesses and threats identified and business strengths and opportunities prioritised, harnessed and leveraged.


A defined and agreed business end game which informs your business purpose and becomes the guiding compass for you and your staff, as it is characterised by your core values and company DNA. 


A clear business growth strategy, which is ambitious and achievable, together with an execution plan which everyone understands with clear and owned responsibilities.


An operating rhythm which will enable business agility and fast delivery. Intelligent KPI’s are put in place to track performance and address any challenges at the right time.

Our Process

Our Process


Infusion Group is a specialist business-growth company for the UK SME market. Managing Directors Danny Wicks and Graham Hardy come from a background of M&A, Restructuring, Business Turnaround and Transformation, both have previously held executive and board level positions in PLC companies. 

The Infusion Group are not a typical consultancy and coaching company, we drive growth and transformation through companies to increase overall value and profitability.  Our focus is to deliver the exit strategy for the leaders and owners whether that be for the owner to step away and to continue to receive returns or to exit the business for sale.

We have built and developed circa. 100 unique tools and systems which can be implemented across different areas of our clients businesses which we provide at the right time to ensure immediate value.

  • Scaling at the rate you planned
  • Gaining new customers
  • Expanding your business operations
  • Organisation and structure
  • Business agility, fluidity & flexibility
  • Increasing cash flow
  • Operational performance through systems
  • Management and improvement of operating costs
  • Staff performance  
  • Increasing profitability
  • Planning an effective exit strategy
  • Risk management and oversight
  • Execution oversight

Our process ensures each client is given a tailored solution to meet their individual needs. The first thing we thing we do is conduct a critical growth assessment across 17 areas of the business, this enables us to pin point the exactly where we can increase value and growth within your business.

The critical growth report is presented back to the executive and outlines a tailored growth solution for the company, with timeframes and costs. Once we have presented the report the executive can then decide to proceed into the execution phase, where we implement ourselves into your business with our proposed solutions. 

There isn’t a commitment to proceed after the critical growth assessment. 

Our clients span across multiple industries and sectors ranging from companies which turnover circa. £270m to companies that turnover circa. £2m respectively. The common denominator between them all is that they are want to invest in the growth of their company and are open minded to understand that they cannot do it all.   

We love to talk, but are also great listeners who are constantly
exploring opportunities to learn, get social with us below and Infuse our worlds.

Client endorsement


“What I found totally unique about their approach was that they aren’t just your typical consultants who come in, charge you the earth to tell you what to do. They actually sit in your business to help you implement the changes.”

Chris Griggs Owner/Director.
Griggs Homes Ltd