People are complicated, right?

They’re also wonderful, frustrating, confusing, and amazing at any one time, which is the fascinating nature of being a human and being around other humans who see the world differently to us.

With all this in mind, it can be difficult to know how to get the best out everyone in our business.

And this is more relevant today than ever before as the landscape of work continues to evolve at a pace like we’ve never seen before.

The ambitious Business Owners we partner with know this and are continually looking for new ways to get the best out of their people and their teams.

One approach that has been gaining significant traction for very good reason is the The GC Index, a ground-breaking framework designed to identify and harness the unique contributions of individuals within an organisation.

At Infusion Group, we were so impressed with the tool, that I chose to become a fully qualified GCologist, so I could untap its magic with our clients.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of the GC Index, exploring its impact on the workplace, why Business Owners should consider implementing it, and the transformative benefits it brings.

Introduction to the GC Index

The GC Index is not your typical assessment tool. Unlike traditional personality tests or skills assessments, the GC Index profiles your proclivities – the ways in which you feel most engaged and energised when it comes to making an impact on your world.

After answering a set of simple questions, your personal 27-page profile is generated, showing you how you can ‘play to your strengths’ and maximise your contribution to your role, team and organisation.  There are 100,000 possible reports, so your profile is as unique as you are.

The GC Index identifies five distinct proclivities. Each one corresponds to a unique set of strengths and approaches that contribute to a team’s success:

1.     Game Changers

Game Changes see Possibilities. These are the individuals who generate the ideas and possibilities that have the potential to be transformational.

2.     Strategists

Strategists see Patterns. These individuals see the future. They engage others with a clear direction that brings focus to action.

3.     Implementers

Implementors see Practicalities.These are the individuals who get things done. As leaders they shape strategic plans and deliver tangible outcomes.

4.     Polishers

Polishers see Potential. These individuals create a future to be proud of. They focus on making things better, continual improvement, and the pursuit of excellence.

5.     Play Makers

Play Makers see People. These individuals focus on getting the best from others, individually and collectively, in support of agreed objectives.

Your personalised profile is broken down into key areas of insight:

•       Your greatest impact in your organisation

•       Your approach to leadership

•       How you are creative and innovative

•       How you engage and influence

•       How you get things done

•       Which organisations you thrive in

•       How you work best as in a team and who complements you

Every business needs all five of The GC Index proclivities to be successful. The key is understanding if each team and business has the right blend, at the right time, to achieve desired business objectives.

The Impact of GC Index in the Workplace

At its core, the GC Index empowers organisations to create teams that are truly well-rounded and high performing. By understanding and leveraging the natural inclinations of each team member, the GC Index creates a collaborative environment where diverse talents align to achieve common goals.

This approach not only strengthens team dynamics but also drives innovation, as individuals are empowered to play to their strengths and contribute meaningfully in a way that is authentic to them.

Imagine a scenario where your team is embarking on a new project. The Game Changers bring fresh ideas and challenge the status quo, the Strategists provide a clear roadmap, Implementers ensure the plan’s execution, Polishers refine and optimize, and Play Makers infuse energy and enthusiasm.

This balanced synergy is a catalyst for game-changing outcomes, but only if you deploy your people in the right roles, at the right time.

How the GC Index can benefit your Business

1.     Enhanced Team Dynamics

The GC Index helps create well-rounded teams where everyone’s unique strengths are recognised and valued, leading to greater trust and collaboration

2.     Optimised Role Allocation

By identifying individuals’ natural inclinations, the GC Index enables tasks to be delegated effectively in line with team member’s strengths

3.     Innovative Thinking

Leveraging the diverse profiles of the people within your business creates an environment where new ideas flourish, driving creative problem-solving and fresh thinking

4.     Improved Productivity

When your people all work in roles that capitalise on their strengths, they become more motivated and engaged, which results in greater productivity

5.     Nurturing & Development

The GC Index guides individual’s professional development areas, which means you can invest in up-skilling them in areas that will have the most impact for them, and your business

6.     Enhanced Staff Satisfaction

Matching individuals to roles that align with their strengths increases their satisfaction in their job satisfaction, meaning higher levels of engagement and a decrease in staff turnover

7.     Diverse Skills

Embracing the GC Index enables companies tap into a wide range of skills and talents, leading to well-rounded and adaptable teams

8.     Strategic Decision-Making

Understanding the proclivities of each of your team members helps the decision-making, as it makes you consider each person’s perspective to make well-informed choices

9.     Identifying Emerging Leaders

The GC Index highlights each individual’s leadership style, so you can cultivate future leaders who are naturally suited to their roles

10.  Positive Company Culture

Implementing the GC Index creates an inclusive and supportive culture that values the unique contributions of each team member, leading to a more positive and collaborative work environment

Why Business Owners Should Embrace the GC Index

For Business Owners like yourself, the GC Index offers many compelling reasons to embrace its approach in your Business. First and foremost, it provides a strategic advantage in team building. By understanding each team member’s role and potential, you can make informed decisions about task delegation, project assignments, and further development.

Moreover, the GC Index contributes to increased staff engagement and job satisfaction. When your people are empowered to work in roles that align with their strengths, they are more likely to feel valued, motivated, and fulfilled. This, in turn, often leads to increased productivity, creativity, and overall performance.

A Transformative Tool for Business Success

In summary, the GC Index is a true game-changer. It blows conventional assessments and profiling tools out the water by focusing on the tangible impact each team member has on an organisations’ success.

By leveraging the strengths of your Game Changers, Strategists, Implementers, Polishers, and Play Makers, you can tap into the power of your people and create a workplace that navigates change with ease.

In a world where adaptability and forward-thinking is more important than ever before, this tool will help you stay ahead of the game by unlocking the potential of your people, and your Business.

If you’d like to explore how the GC Index could change the game for you and your business, feel free to drop me a line at

I’m a Polisher/Play Maker, so I guarantee I’ll get back to you quickly and we’ll have a great conversation!

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A special mention and thanks to Nathan Ott and Dr John Mervyn-Smith– the inspirational founding fathers ofThe GC Index