The power of laser

A common phrase in the business world these days surrounds giving laser like focus to key activities. Sounds great right but what does it really mean? The term laser actually started out as an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” Here are a few key facts that outline why lasers are so powerful

1.    The world’s most powerful laser has the power of a hydrogen bomb

2.    The light in a laser is more parallel than any other light source; every part of the beam has almost the exact direction

3.    By using lasers, it’s possible to get sequencing information about DNA from a single molecule

4.    Astronauts on the Apollo 11 space mission in 1969 used a laser to measure the distance between Earth and the moon

5.    A tiny laser beam can etch a serial number onto a diamond, the hardest natural substance known to humans

Why is it so important to adopt laser like focus in running your business?

In this modern era that we live in we are victims of our own evolvement and now have a million and one things to occupy us. We can spend hours trawling the web to research just about anything, or we can respond to the hundreds of emails that we are sent each day or perhaps we can spend many hours deciding what social media channel we should engage with.

Whilst it’s great to have so many options open to us if we don’t channel our focus and our thoughts smartly we can end up becoming the proverbial ‘busy fool’.

We may think we have been busy but when we come to the end of the month to assess how much progress has been made towards the bigger vision for the business we can get a rather painful smack of reality.

So by firstly acknowledging this problem and then actually doing something productive about it we can then begin to set ourselves on the path of real traction. Here are our thoughts around how you can bring laser like focus to your key priorities;

1.    Make sure you have clear measurable targets for the next 90 days (remember what gets measured gets done!)

2.    Ensure you have daily rocks in your diary where all distractions are removed allowing you to focus on working the priority items. If you are not working on your top priority every day, then how can you expect to progress?

3.    Ensure you clearly define what you need to achieve during this laser session and don’t stop until you have reached your goal

4.    Empower others in your team to create their own rocks for their own priorities

5.    Ensure you embed a regular review session with your team at least weekly to share progress and outline the next weeks targets. By doing this you not only share successes which can be highly motivating but you can also bring an area of accountability to your people through sharing targets in an open forum

As Steve Jobs famously said “one important trait when developing great products is about focus. And focusing is about saying no”.

You cannot deliver your best results when you are not focusing 100% on the task at hand. According to Atlassian over 80% of interruptions at work are considered trivial in nature which again emphasises why you need to block those rocks in your diary which are immovable objects.

The benefits/results

History has shown us that by doing this we can achieve results that we never dreamed were possible. Let’s apply a little maths to this to bring things to life.

Assuming a company has 25 people working full time and everybody is empowered to put a 1 hour rock in their diary to focus on nothing other than their top priority. This would immediately give the company the following results;

1.    25 dedicated hours per day on top priorities

2.    125 dedicated hours per week

3.    500 hours per month

4.    6,000 hours per year

Let us ask ourselves now. If you could dedicate 6,000 hours to your top priority items every year how confident are you that you can achieve your year end targets? Don’t be surprised if you are now thinking that your targets are not aggressive enough!

Where to start

Make sure you have clear measurable targets in place across all aspects of your business and that all of these wrap up to create something special. If you don’t know what good looks like then what hope does the rest of your team have?

Spend some time as a team to outline exactly what you need to achieve at year end and then work backwards paying particular focus to where you need to be 90 days from now. You are then all set up to break this into weekly chunks which makes your immediately priorities for the next 7 days crystal clear.

All you now need to do is agree who is accountable for what and to insert a follow up meeting with your team next week to discuss progress.

Give it a shot and marvel at the results!

If you feel that you need assistance in bringing structure to this process please get in touch via and we would be happy to help you realise your true potential.