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 Having a purpose is the key to a high-performance culture in business

Even in today’s technology driven society, business is about people and people are about business. So, when we talk about creating a high-performance culture it really is about ensuring each and every individual within your company has clarity and a purpose. The amount people get paid doesn’t always drive performance and at Infusion we believe there are 3 key components, these are:

1.     Values
2.     Accountability
3.     Reward

A recent study showed that the likelihood of job turnover at an organisation which displays a strong company culture is a mere 13.9%, whereas the probability of staff attrition that doesn’t demonstrate a clearly defined culture sits at a deeply concerning 48.4%.

Let’s take a closer look into the 3 key drivers of performance..


The values of a company are its DNA, and without the right value’s being lived and breathed throughout your company daily, there isn’t a guiding compass for any employee to associate with.

Values are fundamental and should be applied into every day decision making, hiring new staff, conducting performance reviews and also in client communication to name a few. Value’s are an integral part of any company identity and what people really are buying into both from an employee and customer standpoint.

Countless companies have one-word values like honesty and integrity but when it comes to values, we believe creating statements has more impact so people can really resonate with them.  As an example we at Infusion have a “Be True To Our Clients” rather than just  “Honesty” because with a statement it becomes more tangible, measurable and relatable.

Questions to consider in assessing your values

1.     Look at your company values and ask yourself, are they really what the company stands for?
2.     Are you living them every day in the way the company operates?
3.     If you asked each employee would they know your company values and their meaning?
4.     Can your customers resonate with your values?


There is nothing more empowering than knowing exactly what you are accountable for and having a clear understanding of your specific role.  You’d be surprised how many companies do not instill simple structures and role profiles in place for employees, this in turn can create confusion and lack of clarity for staff, impacting morale and performance. 

It’s imperative that a clear company structure that everyone can see and understand is in place, providing people with the purpose and clarity required to drive the specific activities and business forward, in unison.

Questions to consider in assessing accountability

1.     Do you have a company structure chart that outlines all of the areas of the business?
2.     Do you have role profiles for each staff member, so they are clear on what they are responsible and accountable for?
3.     Have you communicated to your staff whoose responsible for what across the entirety of the business?


Many companies believe what you pay people is reall all what matters, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Creating a culture where reward and recognition is about appreciation for the work and value people create is critical for business success.  A company doesn’t need to spend fortunes on gifts for their staff, but it can create an environment where people can feel a sense of purpose an achievement for the work they do. Simple but powerful idea’s such as creating a company wall of fame for rewarding positive performance/behaviours or a weekly thank you from management to a member of staff that has gone above and beyond are great ways of truly rewarding staff.  There is no greater feeling that being appreciated for the work that you do. 

Questions to consider when considering staff rewards and recognition

1.     Can you list out some reward ideas that you think will give staff a sense of appreciation?
2.     How can you improve your way of working to incorporate more appreciation and gratitude?
3.     Think of how you can launch a full reward initiative into your business and who would be best placed to lead it on your behalf?


To create a high-performance culture, it is important to create an environment that gives employees a real sense of purpose and belonging within a company.  It is natural that as companies grow the leaders become less visible and they have to rely on other members of the team to ensure the DNA runs through the company so getting the culture right is critical.

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