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The Road To Recovery

Four Critical Steps for Rebuilding your Business, Post COVID-19

Infusion were asked to team up with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and hold a webinar which the Herts Chamber had organised as part of a webinar series in these challenging times, in order to continue supporting our County, and to provide vital information that businesses may need.
COVID-19 has forced business leaders to urgently rethink how their businesses need to operate throughout a pandemic, and how they need to adapt and reshape to ensure they come through it successfully. Through experience, Infusion have found there are immediate tasks which must happen whilst in the eye of the storm to ensure business survival. However, there is a need for quick transition into a forward-thinking plan that will begin to reshape the business, preparing it for the new normal.
This webinar is for: Owners, MD’s & Senior managers of Medium & large sized companies. 
This webinar will:
·       Provide clarity on what you must be doing now
·       Ensure you have control through the transition phases of the pandemic
·       Understand the capabilities you’re going to need to reshape & execute your plan
·       Give expert guidance and support to ensure you have the confidence to take action