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Scaling-up &
Transformational Growth

For ambitious and forward thinking business leaders who want to scale at pace.
Infusions unique programmes and extensive toolkit are specificallly designed to deliver transformative results for you and your business.

Our Process

Gain clarity on your business with our market leading scale-up assessment

Having spent many years restructuring and exiting businesses, the team at Infusion understand the key factors that enable a business owner to understand exactly where they are and also more importantly exactly what needs to change and in what order to scale at pace.

Our Scale Up Assessment enables the Infusion team to get into the weeds of your business, really understand what is going on and provide you with a score on where you are in terms of your overall current business state.

This deep dive into your business together with our 3-hour feedback session will provide the CEO/Owner with critical strategic insights and advice on each area of the business, giving absolute clarity on where immediate changes can be made and what needs to happen in order to meet your long terms goals.

At the end of the assessment we will spend time discussing the results, agree an action plan and next steps for your business.

There is no commitment to do anything else.

Enrol on one of our award winning programmes

Now you are armed with absolute clarity on the immediate changes that need to be made and what needs to happen to scale at pace, should you wish to continue to work with us we would be delighted to help you deliver your action plan.

There are 3 programme options designed to move you to the next level in achieving your
ambition for growth.

Alternatively we can work with you develop a bespoke training & coaching action plan if required.

If you are interested in training other than that mentioned below  

Our 2021 Scale-Up Programmes

These programmes are totally customisable by you so that you have a programme that works for you and is totally bespoke to your needs

Our unique suite of programmes will help you obtain the knowledge, skill and solutions that allow you to get more done and your business operating in a way you never thought possible.

The business advisory support, accountability and personal coaching are viewed by our clients as some of the most valuable aspects of our unique programmes.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Business With Market Leading Tools

Regardless of which programme you decide upon you will be given tools that are the envy of all other training, coaching and consultancy businesses.

Our business tools are not a simple copy and paste taken from textbooks.

Our vault of business solutions has been purposely built for our clients and have taken over 2 years to build. We have circa 100 powerful tools ready for use within businesses just like yours.

If you need some HR tools to help you recruit and manage staff, we have that covered, if you need powerful tools that increase productivity, we have that covered too. In fact, if you need to optimise your team’s performance across the board you can be assured, we have exactly what 
you need.

All of our tools have been built from scratch and have been based on expert experience but 
simplified so that every solution is easily understood and digestible for all types of businesses.

It is often these tools that ‘change the needle’ for our clients.

Interview Skills

& Onboarding

Operating Rhythm

& Driving


Operating Model

Design and

Accountability &


Business Strategy

& Execution

Staff Objectives

& Appraisals

Grievance &


Scorecards &

Managing by

Client & Staff




Managing Under



Assessments &
Training Plans


Profiling &
Company Values


Modelling &

Project / Change


Business Resilience

Branding &
Brand Strategy



Maximising Business
Valuation for


Building a
Killer Website

Business Funding
& Grants

R&D Tax Credits
The Patent Box
Capital Allowances

Investor Pitch
& Coaching

Should you require additional support on any of these areas over and above your allocated number of focus days then we will happily work with you to accommodate.

Furthermore, throughout the year we will look to run additional training days on other business topics so that you can continue to enjoy amazing value.

To know more and be confident that Infusion is right for you and your business
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