Over the weekend watching the British Open as I myself was reflecting on my up and down round on Sunday morning, I couldn’t help my mind wandering between my golf and the things I wanted to achieve this week at Infusion.

Rory McIlroy continues to attract a huge following and for good reason. Yes he has incredible talent and yes we would consider him one of the world’s greatest golfers but what if I told you that this weekend’s Major was the 57th in his career and he still only has 4 wins to his name (or saying it another way he has lost 93% of the Majors he has played in). He hasn’t won one for over 9 years and yet so many of us (including me) still see him as an inspiration and a huge success.

So, using this information I began reflecting on the parallels between the journey us entrepreneurs make against trying to navigate a tough round of golf.

Here are my top ten similarities –

1. Embracing the Unknown:

Entrepreneurship: Starting a business is venturing into uncharted territory, embracing the unknown with enthusiasm and courage.

Golf: Stepping onto the first tee, you’re facing an unpredictable course, ready to tackle challenges with a can-do spirit.

Parallels: Embrace uncertainty with excitement, as both endeavours present opportunities for growth and discovery. We have to go through these experiences to truly grow.

2. Navigating the Rough:

Entrepreneurship: Running a business means facing rough patches, unpredictable markets, and unforeseen obstacles. Think COVID and rising inflation to name just 2.

Golf: Wayward shots might land you in the rough, demanding strategic thinking and adaptability to overcome hurdles.

Parallels: Learn to navigate the rough moments in both realms, remaining focused and resilient. Always be learning!

3. Mastering Adaptability:

Entrepreneurship: Adapting to market shifts and evolving customer demands is essential for business survival.

Golf: Wind gusts, changing weather, and course conditions demand adaptability on the golf course.

Parallels: Cultivate adaptability in both endeavours, ensuring you’re prepared to adjust your game plan to suit the situation. Unless we constantly evolve we are going backwards.

4. The Power of Perseverance:

Entrepreneurship: Building a successful business requires unwavering dedication and perseverance through setbacks.

Golf: Navigating a tough round often demands mental fortitude and perseverance to overcome challenges. I am still working on this one.

Parallels: Perseverance is key in both golf and entrepreneurship. Stay committed to your goals and remain resolute in the face of adversity. Does Rory just give up when he doesn’t win?

5. Calculated Risk-Taking:

Entrepreneurship: Calculated risks are integral to business growth, carefully weighing opportunities against potential outcomes.

Golf: Risk-reward decisions on the course involve strategic club selection and shot execution. I remain a ‘work-in-progress’ on this one!

Parallels: Develop a balanced approach to risk-taking in both arenas, evaluating potential rewards against potential pitfalls.

6. Developing Patience:

Entrepreneurship: Building a successful business takes time and patience, with no overnight shortcuts to success. Don’t believe the 10x your business messages in 30 minutes type of marketing we see everyday!

Golf: A successful round requires patience to navigate challenging holes and avoid impulsive decisions.

Parallels: Develop patience in both pursuits, understanding that steady progress and thoughtful actions yield the best results. As long as we are ‘directionally correct’ we should remain patient as we are moving forward in the right direction.

7. Fostering Resilience:

Entrepreneurship: Bouncing back from failures and setbacks is essential in the entrepreneurial journey.

Golf: Resilience on the course allows you to shake off a bad shot and focus on the next opportunity.

Parallels: Foster resilience in both realms, learning from mistakes and maintaining a positive attitude. No journey is a perfect one and accept the path to success will never be linear.

8. Embracing Teamwork:

Entrepreneurship: Building a winning team is vital for a thriving business, leveraging each member’s strengths.

Golf: Caddies, coaches, and fellow golfers contribute to a golfer’s success on the course. I have my next lesson at 4pm today – I need it!

Parallels: Embrace teamwork in both endeavours, recognising the power of collaboration and support. Business is a team game so make sure you surround yourself with experts who can make your journey easier and less stressful.

9. Celebrating Milestones:

Entrepreneurship: Celebrate business milestones, big or small, as they mark progress on your entrepreneurial journey.

Golf: Celebrate successful shots, pars, and birdies as you progress through the round.

Parallels: Take time to celebrate achievements in both worlds, fostering a positive mindset and motivation. So many businesses we see do not place enough emphasis on this. It’s the small wins that keeps things enjoyable and helps create the motivation for hitting the next goal.

10. Enjoying the Journey:

Entrepreneurship: Embrace the joy of building a business and the fulfilment of making a difference in your industry and the world in general.

Golf: Savour the moments on the course, enjoying the beauty of nature and the camaraderie with fellow golfers. Don’t be a drain to those who you are sharing your Sunday mornings with.

Parallels: Find joy in the journey of both entrepreneurship and golf, relishing the experiences that shape your growth and success. With perseverance and dedication its quite incredible what you can achieve.


Embrace the unknown, navigate the rough patches, and master the art of adaptability and calculated risk-taking. Develop patience, perseverance, and resilience, all while enjoying the thrill of the journey. Tee up for success with the valuable lessons you learn from both worlds, driving your service-based business to new heights of achievement. And remember, in both golf and entrepreneurship, the journey is just as important and enjoyable as the destination.