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About Us

We’re not just another traditional management consultancy or executive coaching practice.
We are different by design.

Our Values

Always be Growing.
Be True to our Clients.
A Passion for Greatness.
Exceptional Standards.
A Promise to Wow. 

Our People

Infusion are a team full of highly skilled, motivated and dedicated business growth and restructuring experts, with a passion to help leaders, teams and businesses transform and fulfil their potential.

Founders Danny and Graham have over 50 year’s experience in scaling, restructuring and transforming businesses across the globe.

We are a value’s driven company, full of promise and possibilities.

We love success. We deliver results and celebrate when we do.

At Infusion we recognise that every owner manager, business leader and organisation will face unique & different challenges.

Successful businesses will accept these challenges and adapt, whilst high growth businesses actively shape their futures.

We believe in delivering true value by understanding each clients unique needs, working alongside them throughout to deliver our targeted solutions efficiently.

Through our expertise and proven bespoke solutions, we provide a sustained impact on your business, achieving transformational growth.

Our Vision

To provide ambitious and growth orientated businesses with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools needed to scale and then transform safely and securely.

Our Mission

To identify and provide innovative growth solutions at the right time for our clients who have placed their trust in us, our people, our capabilities and the value of our work.


To work with and build the businesses of tomorrow…today.

We love to talk, but are also great listeners who are constantly
exploring opportunities to learn, get social with us below and Infuse our worlds.

Client endorsement


“Their approach is quite different and boy do they get results! For me, it is their ongoing support and toolkit which has truly propelled our success.”

Rosalind Duffin, CEO.